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"The innovative eye-controlled wheelchair is an excellent example of how Polish universities and their graduates can be internationally competitive by introducing revolutionary solutions in the field of assistive technologies." (translated by Wojciech Sójka)

Dr Maciej Kawiecki blog Makeway.pl

"The project is aimed at people with severe disabilities, which makes it different from most of the equipment offered on the market, such as electric wheelchairs, controlled by a hand with a joystick." (translated by Wojciech Sójka)

Uniwersytet Mikołaja Kopernika in Torun

"The vehicle, which moves by responding to the movement of the eyeballs, is a savior for all those people with severe disabilities who have trouble moving their hands." (translated by Wojeciech Sójka)

"The control method is simple, intuitive and convenient. Testers positively evaluated the innovative design. There was no lack of opinion that it is a completely life-changing solution." (translated by Wojciech Sójka)

Toruń nasze miasto

Marcin Gazda magazine Nasze Sprawy

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Projects created to solve existing problems of the elders and people with disabilities

Vehicle for people with disabilities by using visual control for steering

The project was created for people with severe disabilities.

It aims to enable people with significant disabilities to move around independently and to give them a sense of freedom and independence.

The project is funded by the European Fund: Knowledge, Education and Development.


Smart medicines organiser

The project has been developed to enable carers to monitor the use of medicines by their residents (elderly or disabled). The innovation consists of a phone application and a dedicated device.

The project is funded by the European Fund: Knowledge, Education and Development.


The project is designed to make it easier for people using conventional wheelchairs (and their carers) to overcome obstacles and thresholds

The project is funded by the European Fund: Knowledge, Education and Development.

Wheelchair lift module for crossing thresholds

About us

How do we work?

We have created our own iterative design process which has strong focus on customer needs. The final user play always the key role in our design process.

Getting to know the problems of the target group and analysing their sources.

Analysis of the learned problems.

Definition of the requirements and design assumptions, tools selection to solve them.

We consult our problem-solving idea with the target group.

Start of the design process.

Present and communicate the developed prototype to the target group.

Iterative improvements in response to user feedback.

Preparing the solution for public release.


Wojciech Sójka

Cofounder at Sojgo

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We have extensive knowledge in various fields of engineering.
Our interests include: programming, machine learning, electronics and mechanical engineering.

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